Trigger City Trio is:

  • Guitar/Lead Vocals
    Andy Gray

    Art Dept. Wizard

    Often seen sporting red sneakers and manly facial hair.

  • Bass/Backing Vocals
    Tim Nichols

    Accounting Viking

    Watch for his confident wide stage stance and matching smile.

  • Drums/Backing Vocals
    Ryan Smiley

    Marketing Animal

    Rarely encountered without his signature sunglasses.

Band Bio

Trigger City Trio is a band of many colors. Combining tight arrangements, soulful vocals, and Andy’s trademark guitar wizardry, the Trio weave together a unique, frequently funky sort of rock and roll. Performing songs that explore love, war, adventure, and philosophy, Tim’s funk bass wouldn’t seem out of place in outer space, while Smiley’s grooves ground the band with an earthy weight. The group delivers this package with a playful, energetic live show honed from years of stage experience. Keep your ears out for their self-titled debut album available Here!

Best Local Rock Act 2013 and 2014!
-Creative Loafing

It’s more than a listening experience. Their energetic live show is a treat, and their originals are worth the wait!
-Jane’s World Entertainment