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  • Trigger City Funk (Official Video)
    Here is the official music video of Trigger City Trio!
  • Equilibrium
    Equilibrium; Trigger City Trio; Released ©2015
  • Madman
    Madman; Trigger City Trio; Released ©2015
  • Movin’ On
    Movin’ On; Trigger City Trio; Released ©2015

Upcoming Events

Jan 27 Fri
7:00 pm The Getaway
The Getaway
Jan 27 @ 7:00 pm
The Getaway @ The Getaway | Saint Petersburg | Florida | United States
Located on Tampa Bay, The Getaway combines the very best of the Florida keys and the Caribbean. You'll find the beautiful "Grand Tiki Bar" and [...]
Feb 3 Fri
8:00 pm MacDinton’s SoHo
MacDinton’s SoHo
Feb 3 @ 8:00 pm
MacDinton's SoHo @ MacDinton\\\'s SoHo | Tampa | Florida | United States
MacDinton's opened in May 2002 and most of their patrons have frequented the place since then, some becoming part of the furniture! The reason is [...]
Feb 4 Sat
8:00 am Beer & Brownies
Beer & Brownies
Feb 4 @ 8:00 am
Beer & Brownies @ Beer & Brownies Music Lounge | Tampa | Florida | United States
People of all backgrounds welcome to listen to a variety of music while you enjoy your beer and brownies! Play some games drink party and [...]

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